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Public service

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Your election and appointment

You have worked hard to be elected and for your appointment on the council.

The support and input from your staff makes the difference between criticisms or appreciation.

  • Unlock 120% support from your staff

  • Make your election the most rewarding experience of your life

Be a proud leader in your community and enjoy the recognition you deserve.

The Ecom-vision programs unlock the full potential of both:-

  • Your staff and

  • Your community

To support you to achieve your vision




Public service support programs

It is time that you establish your local authority as a leading service provider and get:-

  • The recognition you deserve
  • The benefits that success offers

The building of sound business and community environments that support business and community development are primarily set by the quality of public leadership and public servants work forces.

  • The importance of this is reflected in the reality that world-wide roughly between 20 and 30 percent of the labor force are engaged either directly or indirectly through public institutions and government bodies.
  • Furthermore, an average of 30 percent of the gross domestic product of every country is managed by public servants. Add to this that collective support services such as infrastructure being it roads, transport, power and a vast number of other community services that include hospitalization and schools are often provided by public servants. 
  • Considering this, it is evident that the quality of our communities are directly effected by the quality of our public servants.

The Ecom-vision programs focus on providing support to public and state institutions to improve overall service levels.

The programs are aimed at creating a supportive environment for public leadership to provide;-

  • World class service
  • Achieve a balanced social economic service environment
  • Assist public institutions to improve their income base
  • Cost appropriation and relating controls to prevent fraud and improved tender procedures
  • To ensure speedy and consistent supply of services for business development
  • Quality social programs for community development and
  • To create an environment of recognition and encouragement for public servants for individual empowerment and ongoing personal development.


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Leadership support

The programs firstly strengthen the hands of public leaders to ensure the effective delivery of services, as the operating environment of public service changes. Being such changes because of technology, demographics or ground level needs within a community.

Secondly, it provides a growth environment for public servants to develop and to be enriched through their work with full recognition of their community, developing their self-esteem with pride in their contribution.

The programs are further structured to create a collaborative and partnership management environment between the communities, public servants, business and rural communities. 

The latter that are often difficult to service and often experience a reduced level of service in comparison to urban communities.





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